May The Fourth Be With You


It’s #MayTheFourthBeWithYou day!!!!!! Time for all those Star Wars fans to dust off their blasters, grab their helmets, warm up their X-Wings and fly into action! Today we are going to share with you some of our favorite Star Wars Cosplays; if you have someone you want to give a shout out to please share them with us in the comments section. Without further adieu, let’s look at some Star Wars costumes!

Amber Brite

This girl knows how to rock some lekku! A master prop smith and creative cosplayer, Amber makes her own head pieces and ADORES Star Wars.

Photos by: Matthew Hunt Photography, Guest Cosplayer: Allen Amis

Allen Amis Creations

Allen is a master prop fabricator and an all around SWU enthusiast. He has incredible skill with costume builds and enjoys some rebel action!

Photos by: Mort Productions and Allen Amis Creations

Byrning Raven

Powerful, poised and lovely – this cosplayer has mastered the art of shape shifting into various SWU races and characters.

Photos by: V Threepio Photography and Cosplay Corral

Courtney Leigh Creations

Courtney likes the dark side so much she has embraced all it means to be a sith. Savage and beautiful, this cosplayer made her own Togruta head piece, costume and accessories.

Photos by: Courtex Studios

Code Name: Richochet

Richochet knows that the balance of the dark and light sides can be easily blurred, she makes an excellent Barriss Offee and portrays Lyrra (from SWRPG) in an eerie yet interesting light.

Photos by: Courtex Studios and Tony Julius Photography

Meridian Cosplay

Meridian embraces the juxtaposition of being a Mandalorian and a Rebel Pilot in these enrapturing photos.

Photos by:Tony Julius Photography and Meg The Irish Photography

The Mechnical Strix

You may be noticing a theme among these cosplayers and Mechanical Strix is no different: they LOVE Mandos!

Photos by:Tony Julius Photography


Yes, even your lovable cosplay savant had to jump in on the SWU cosplay fun!

Photos by:ThermoCosplay

We hope you enjoyed all of these cosplayers and wish you the best fourth of May!


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