Attack On Titan Season 2


And we’re back for the second of four series recaps. Like I said before, this season is only twelve episodes so I am doing them in groupings of three! Today’s review/recap is of episodes 29, 30 & 31.

The three episodes are titled; Soldier, Historia and Warrior and by the end of 31 I was staring at my tv stuck between shouting at it and watching the next episode (32, I’m a week behind) knowing that it will also probably make em want to shout.

So if you remember from my last post, a group of cadets were sequestered because command thought one of them might be a titan…well, boy howdy were they right. First it’s Ymir. Cranky Ymir who I’m pretty sure had a major crush on Christa (or should I say….nope, more on that later). Well with the tower overrun by titans, and the older cadets dying at a rapid pace our crew is left to die, but that is not going to happen. Why you ask? Because Ymir decides that now is a perfect time to show her true colors and transform to a titan and save her comrades. It’s crazy. I was really thinking Christa was the titan in hiding.  But, she does her job and saves her friends, only to nearly die. But not before giving an epic speech to Christa, which leads us to Historia.

Turns out Christa isn’t Christa, but Historia Reiss, daughter of a noble’s mistress. She wants to die, feels that she is worthless since her own family made her change her name and live as a commoner rather than claim her. Well, that would do a number to your psyche right? So she keeps trying to kill herself, in an honorable way, and Ymir keeps stopping her. It’s a weird relationship.  The other notable part of this episode is it lends a lot of insight into Reiner…who is, just oh god.

Warrior, what can I say about this episode except, “I did not see that coming!” I think my husband might have jumped I screamed so loud. Both Reiner and Berthold are titans!? Both of them? And the titans they are are not some mamby pamby titans..oh no…NO…..the colossal titan and the armored titan? I mean come on now?! It’s moments like this I’m glad I haven’t caught up on the manga, the shock was intense and worth it, I think.  Just…I’m still processing, and chomping at the bit to watch the next three episodes. I can believe there are only 6 more this season…


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