The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide Released

A new, undead survival themed cookbook will hit the shelves tomorrow! From the garden to the kitchen the folks at Insight Editions bring to you The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide!

Surviving the zombie apocalypse takes guts…and keeping those guts means survivors need to forage, hunt and grow food. This cookbook focuses on foods one could make were your local grocer to be infested with shamblers. Written by Lauren Wilson (a professional chef with nearly a decade of working experience) with photography by Yunhee Kim (an NY based photographer who specializes in food and still life shots) this cookbook features delicious recipes sure to make even the most avid survivalist excited. Not a survivalist but you managed to escape the flesh eating hordes? No problem! Lauren has your back with basics on building a fire, foraging for food and setting up a durable cooking architecture.

What about the recipes you wonder? Well, take a look at Lori’s (Not So) God Awful Pancakes Or fill up on West Georgia Correctional Facility Oatmeal. Whatever your breakfast cravings may be there is something in the book to keep you happy, full and capable of outrunning even the most energetic of zombies. Not big into sweets? We understand. Try your hand at making The Governor’s Welcome Scramble or dish up one of Dwight’s Egg Sandwiches. Once you’ve sated your salty side you may start to crave a bit of the sweet stuff and boy oh boy has Lauren outdone herself with Carol’s Beet and Acorn Cookies!

Amazon has pre-order options for those who just can’t wait one more day. We encourage you to get your baking, grilling and cooking on with this inventive cookbook inspired by AMC’s The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide
By Lauren Wilson | Photography by Yunhee Kim
Insight Editions | October 2017 | 8 x 10 | 144 pages

ISBN: 978-1683830788


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