Fox Horror Rewind


“In a secluded corner of the Arts District of Los Angeles, a deranged horror movie super fan, has created a living, breathing installation in homage to his four favorite films (THE FLY, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, 28 DAYS LATER and CARRIE). In tribute to these films, he has trapped innocent civilians inside and transformed them into demented and deformed monsters, forced to live-out his most terrifying celluloid nightmares.”- Twentieth Century Fox

Over one weekend, Twentieth Century Fox in collaboration with Delusion (Delusion is the vanguard of interactive horror theatre), created a ten-minute horror walk that resulted in people’s breaking into a cold sweat and lots of screaming. What a great way to celebrate their upcoming releases of horror films! Check out the video below for the harrowing experience.

Look forward to 19 brand new Blu-rays featuring collectible packaging cover designs by acclaimed digital artist Orlando Arocena.



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