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Parent’s are increasingly concerned that their children’s love for video games may turn into an addiction…

A Parent’s Guide to Video Games, written by Dr. Rachel Kowert, discusses the social and cognitive impact that playing video games can have on a child’s mind. Dr. Kowert uses years of research and case studies to build a robust presentation on the various deliberations surrounding hypothesized connections between video game play and inappropriate behavioral interactions in children. The following questions are answered and/or addressed in this thorough reflection on modern gaming:

  • Will playing violent video games make my child more aggressive?
  • Is video game addiction real?
  • Will video game play worsen the symptoms of ADD?
  • Can video game play change my child’s perception(s)?
  • How long should my child play video games each day?

As someone who grew up playing video games (Atari, Nintendo64, Digital Arcades, PC games, etc.) I found a great deal of the information in this book to be exceedingly accurate. Dr. Kowert willingly steps into the realm of disbelief and reels back social “rumors” by detailing how the brain works and why video games may or may not have any impact on children.

A direct relationship between violent video game play and violent behavior is highly unlikely…Our brains are great at differentiating between real-world violence and fictional violence.

The imagery in this book is an excellent reprieve from data heavy paragraphs and often plays well with the information being delivered. The text is not overly scientific but still manages to convey pertinent statistics related to video game play. Overall this is a very educational read and would most certainly help new and veteran parents better understand how their progeny perceive reality.

I highly recommend this, even if you don’t have children, it is a great publication on defending human intelligence while acknowledging the changes games have had on social/gender/racial representation.

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