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Giant Days #37

Series Summary: Giant Days, created and written by John Allison is a funny and dramatic slice of life comic about three students trying to make the most of life while at university. The story centers around pragmatic Susan, good natured Daisy, and the cheerful goth Esther.

In the previous issue, Daisy broke up with Ingrid and struggled through her ensuing depression. At the very last page, Ingrid called Daisy’s grandmother to try and get back together with her and ends up outing Daisy! Readers were left with an unbearable cliffhanger of how Granny would react to the news.

You guessed it, issue 37 finally answers the question we’ve all been dying to know; how will Daisy’s old fashioned but good hearted grandmother react to her newly discovered sexuality? Well you’ll have to read issue 37 to find out because I’m certainly not telling you.

Also in this issue is a possible solution to Daisy’s housing problem now that she won’t be living in a “windowless wooden cube with a narcissistic German sculptress.”

It isn’t all about Daisy of course. Issue 37 also gives us a glimpse of how Esther and Susan’s summers are going. Susan is rocking her summer internship at the clinic, but less than enjoying the empty and sterile new student housing. Esther has found a summer job, but it’s unclear if she’ll be able to keep it if she keeps getting caught being on her phone.

Moving on to the art of issue 37, in a surprising feat, Daisy’s grandmother makes the cover! The gray background definitely captures the mood at Granny’s house during the first few pages of the issue. The artists also captured the mood change in some of the background details such as a happy photograph hanging in the kitchen, showing the exact opposite of their relationship dynamics in the present moment. As usual, the art also features hyperbolic emotions of the characters that encite humour for the reader.

Giant Days continues to be a fan favorite and is available today.

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