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It’s like a a creators fantasy: creating content on Youtube until the right person chances upon it and now your animated series is a TBS original that is produced by Conan O’Brien. That is what happened to Olan Rogers and his creation: Final Space which features voice actor David Tennant, Steven Yeun.

 Gary (voiced by Olan Rogers) walked into a galactic bar and had, had, to fall for Quinn (voiced by Tika Sumpter) right away. Yet no matter his cheesy lines and smolder, Quinn paid no heed. So Gary took his posturing and lies too far and destroyed many, many things.

About five years later, Gary is at the end of his prison sentence on a prison ship. His only company is KVN (voiced by Fred Armisen) his “insanity avoidance companion” who is pretty much spearheading Gary into psycho zone. There is the ship Hue (voiced by Tom Kenny), the fridge and the uniform maintenance robots for Gary to also interact with.



As he whittles his time sending video messages to Quinn and eyeing the forbidden cookie, the cutest freakin’ alien plops down into his life and pretty much everything accelerates into high gear. Gary is quickly accosted by the cat man assassin, Avocato (voiced by Coty Galloway) who is tasked to bring Mooncake back to Lord Commander (voiced by David Tennant). As with anything Tennant is acting in this year, Lord Commander is EVIL. Mooncake is not just super adorable, he is a planet killer.

The animated series aired on TBS in February 2018 and after just few seconds into the first episode, I became an immediate fan. As of the current episode, I am hooked. This animated show is a sci-fi geek’s smorgasbord of references. There are definite shades of Sunshine, Farscape and Space Odyssey all mingled into nutty humor. Never have I ever seen such devotion and drive to nab a chocolate chip cookie.

I must also warn that there is some pretty creative foul language that may not be suitable for young viewers. Unless, of course, you feel comfortable explaining to your child what a “titty whompus” is. Fun adorable fact: that phrase came from the creators mother.


 It will be easy to draw comparisons between Rick And Morty and Final Space. Both are bright animations covering humorous and dark issues.  They are both absurd, full of frantic energy and moments of absolute heart. The difference comes down to cast and overall vibe. Where Rick and Morty has heavy jaded undertones, Final Space offers a more positive outlook even through the bleakest of moments. The one major difference is that Final Space has Mooncake and Mooncake is the best.

When TBS announced the opportunity to meet the creator and voice actors of Final Space, I was over the moon that I was able to attend on behalf of Fangirl Nation. Check out the roundtable interview below!

Final Space is available on TBS and TBS.com. I highly recommend this show!



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