Bloodborne #3


¬†Here we are, back again, in the terror that is Bloodborne. Issue #3 continues with our Hunter and the Paleblood child on the run. Not very much happens in this issue, there is a lot of walking and deep philosophical talking, punctuated by two seriously scary monsters. One who attacks and one who does not.¬† The most important aspect of this issue is that the Paleblood is obviously more powerful than anyone had previously suspected. It sees things the Hunter does not and is able to kill with only the opening of it’s mouth.

While this issue was a tad slow and uneventful, I really believe it is building towards something. And that is what I am here for, that something. I am curious if that something is not the death of the Hunter, as she seems to have lost any regard for her own life. Though I do hope that she is able to get the Paleblood to it’s destination, even if I’m not sure either of them know what that is.

What I loved about the game so much, despite never making it very far at all, was the aesthetic. And the comic has that in spades. You feel the desolation as they march across the dead land. You feel the isolation as they sit near a dead body and a sad fire. It draws you in, and there are not many comics that are able to achieve that.

So for me, even though not much happens in Bloodborne #3, I still quite like it. Probably because of how much the art drags you in, and in all honesty, I’m okay with that.


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