Phoenix Comic Fest Review Part 1


Phoenix Comic Fest (formerly Phoenix Comicon) ran May 24th – 27th in the Phoenix Convention Center. The event was an homage to comics, games, celebrities, anime, sci-fi and all manner of pop culture icons, themes and genres.


This year new security procedures were implemented to…

  1. Allow for more flexibility on what bags, costumes and props could be brought into the convention center.
  2. Increase security screening to prevent harm from coming to attendees, guests and staff.
  3. Expedite the registration & screening processes that caused 2 hour longs lines last year.

Since I was wary of the procedures I arrived early with the expectation that I would be in line for 30 minutes or more. Much to my surprise, it only took 10 minutes for me to register, get wanded (ANYONE in costume was wanded) and enter the convention property. I was quite pleased with this (even though security personnel at check points were less than congenial). The Arizona Broadcast Group had a panel that some of my friends were on so I headed in the direction of the North building only to be greeted by THE MOST CHEERFUL security guard EVER. He was high fiving EVERYONE who would give him one. This guy LITERALLY made my day EVERY DAY. He was excited to see attendees from morning to noon and sometimes into the evening.

Ok, friendly security guard aside here is what my Thursday at Phoenix Comic Fest included…

  • Donated Time to the 105th Squad Phoenix
  • Visited a panel by The Broadcast Phoenix Group.
  • Filmed local cosplayers and spoke with them about the new security experience.
  • Explored the new Game room, Exhibitor Hall, Artist Alley and Hall of Heroes setups.
  • Familiarized myself with local eateries to avoid con food prices.
  • Met up with Kincart Photography to plan out photo coverage for the weekend.

Here is our summary video of DAY ONE for #PHXCF…


This was the day of MANY panels. I was asked to moderate TWO cosplay panels and participate in one anime panel. They were…

  • Fashion Faux Pas – Forgive the unusual name. We did not select our panel names this year. Essentially, this was an “avoiding cosplay disaster” panel.
  • Getting Into Character – This panel encompassed how to pose, act and BECOME your chosen character.
  • Anime Through The Ages – The title says it all. We discussed anime from Astro Boy all the way to Attack On Titan.

I did not capture much footage on this day. I was able to meetup with Bros N Cons and Orange Slice Media. If you need videos/photos in Arizona, these two are AMAZING artists. Kincart Photography knew my day was going to be INSANE so she took some fantastic photos for all of you 🙂

Find MORE images in our DAY ONE and DAY TWO cosplay galleries on FACEBOOK.

This wraps up Part 1 of our Phoenix Comic Fest experience. Look out for Part 2 on Wednesday!

Phoenix Comic Fest
Phoenix Convention Center,
Starting on
May 24, 2018
Ending on
May 27, 2018

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