God of War: A New Beginning


I finished playing God Of War: A New Beginning this weekend. The game, developed by Santa Monica Studio, is an immersive world set in the realm of Midgard. This was the first game I played on my PS4 and it has reinvigorated my gaming spirit (which was waning). So what did I learn from playing God of War? Let me show you…

The Characters

There are some spectacular characters in GOW. Since this game takes place in the realm of the Aesir, Norse Gods/Goddesses, the environment contains harsh landscapes with the remnants of ruins and war strewn everywhere. These are the six characters I liked best from the game…

  • Kratos – Formerly known as the “Ghost of Sparta”, he is a rough and tumble Greek God with an ENORMOUS chip on his shoulder.
  • Atreus – Son of Kratos and Faye, he is a young archer who knows nothing of his Father’s (or Mother’s) lineage.
  • The World Serpent – You don’t much interact with this HUGE character but he is very helpful and you cannot help but see him. I also get great amusement out of the way he speaks. I truly believe the sound engineers belched into a megaphone then merged words over the top. It’s glorious.
  • Mimir – He is a fawn…or maybe, he doesn’t quite know. Anyways, he is the adviser of Kings and he made one bad decision advising The All Father. Now he is a head…attached to Kratos’ butt. Yes. JUST a head. He is a rather wonderful story teller.
  • Brok and Sindri: These dwarven brothers could not be more opposite each other. You first encounter Brok trying to get his steed across a bridge and later meet his brother, Sindri. When you get these two together all manner of miraculous armory can be crafted.

This is what they each look like (images acquired from the God Of War Wiki):

The Game Play

Playing this game is INCREDIBLY easy. The controls are placed at just the right intervals that it makes commanding the characters fluid. There is a great deal of interaction between Kratos, Atreus and the rest of Midgard’s residents. There are also amazing side stories with new realms to visit which make this game more exciting. The primary weapon is summoned using the triangle button and attacks are controlled via the L1/L2 & R1/R2 triggers. If needed, I could run away and not worry about being chased FOREVER (I’m looking at you Bloodborne) – so beginners have a chance to really gauge their enemies’ strength.

The game is 16 chapters long and each chapter gives you more insight into the world Santa Monica Studio created. Here were some of my favorite missions…

  • The Light of Alfheim – This is the FIRST TIME you get to travel to a different realm.
  • The Magic Chisel – There is a giant. I mean, he’s dead, but you get to walk around/under a GIANT. How cool is that?!
  • Escape from Helheim – Here A LOT of secrets are revealed and, for the first time, Kratos and Atreus actually BOND like father and son.
  • Jotunheim in Reach – YOU PADDLE INTO A GIANT SNAKE’S STOMACH!!! The World Serpent, Jormungandr, ate a statue that has a valuable which is critical to your game path. So yeah, you paddle around in an enormous stomach.

The Conversations

Here are just a FEW of my favorite quotes from God Of War: A New Beginning (quotes pulled using IMDB as reference):

  • Mimir: Well, that’s a sight no man should ever see. Thanks for that. (said after looking at his own body that he was separated from)
  • Atreus: If we can’t bring him back to life…can I keep the head?
  • Kratos: Keep your expectations low boy and you will never be disappointed.

Do YOU have favorite moments from this game? If you have not played it yet, it is AVAILABLE HERE. I HIGHLY recommend this game. I did not play the previous God of War games but that did not matter as this is a new start to a new part of Kratos’ journey. The part where he lives for his SON and not himself.

Seriously…I think I may have to give this game another go! Fangirl on everyone!


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