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The Audio Flow was founded in 2016 by Casting Director and Podcast Host Jocqueline Protho.

What started as an audiobook review service quickly morphed into a deeper appreciation of the industry and a highly successful series of Podcasts which are featured on iTunes, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Google Play Music, and more. In April of 2017, The Audio Flow also became a member of The Audio Publishers Association as an Independent Contributor. After cultivating our love for the art of audiobooks and voice artistry, along with +20 years experience as a Corporate Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist, becoming a Casting Director was inevitable.

Building relationships with Rights Holders/Authors and Narrators has been a huge accomplishment, and our name speaks for itself. In just a few months, we built a highly successful network of talented audiobook narrators.

Our mission has become to connect narrators, authors, and publishers, providing a hassle free experience to find the perfect voice to take your audiobook(s) from “Chapter One” to “The End.”

You founded The Audio Flow Casting Service. What kinds of services do you offer to authors who want to have their books made into audiobooks?

We offer everything from narrator recommendations, to creating the audiobook from start to finish along with promotion. Most people do not include promotion as a part of the deal. But how do you sell a book without promotion?

What made you decide to create this company?

I had been thinking about what I wanted to do in the industry for the last two years. Initially, I thought my podcast would be my thing and I’d eventually have a web series. That idea didn’t go far lol. Once I got my feet wet in audio, I was hooked. I just had to figure out where I fit in. After speaking with several authors and narrators and specifically to Caitlin Greer and Nikki Sloane, I decided I’d give casting/producing and directing a try. My goal was always to do something that would benefit indie authors and support narrators. And that’s what I’m doing.

You advertise to authors that you match the “perfect voice” to their books. How do you determine the best narrator to suit a book?

I listen to a ton of books. I try to branch out into different genres so I listen to range. I also do research on my authors’ books. I’ve read some of my clients’ works before, so I know the characters pretty well. For those I haven’t read or aren’t familiar with, I do an assessment during my consultation with the author to discuss character traits, tone and dialect. Then I go through my list and identify who I know has what my client is seeking or I do my own search using other means to find “the perfect voice.”

Tell me about some of your narrators. How many do you have working with you?

I love them all. They all come from various backgrounds. Some are seasoned and have theatrical training of some sort, while others are new to the industry and had an interest in narrating, so they found a trainer and started their career. Some of the narrators on our roster are ones I have gotten to know on a personal level. They were with me since I came up with this idea and they support my vision. I am honored to have them. According to our website we have 59 narrators. However, we had a deadline for getting listed on the site, so since then I have gotten to 84.

How do you find the narrators you use?

Well, I built relationships with many of them before I started. I attribute a lot of that to being a super fan and then starting my podcast. Many of them were guests on my show, and once The Audio Flow was formed, they reached out to me and offered support and wanted to join. Others I believe saw us on social media and signed up. Not everyone gets an automatic “in.” I listen to their samples to ensure the quality is up to par, and only then do we accept them. I’m all about networking. After I listen to an audiobook, if I enjoyed the performance, I connect with the narrator and introduce myself and create a relationship. I don’t always jump in and say “hey you wanna be on my roster?” lol

How do you bring a book to market once it has been recorded?

I have a fantastic promotions team. I am awful with graphics. I know my place lol. So once the book is in production, I assign the author a promotions specialist. That person is in charge of collaborating and sharing ideas about creative content to create the buzz about their audiobook project. After the promotions specialist has the information, they dive right in. Creating the audio teasers are a bit more complex, but those are fun. They aren’t as grandiose as a book trailer, but they do just enough to get someone interested in listening to a book.

How long does the process take from an author’s hiring you to the book’s coming to market?

That depends on a few factors. 1)What is the deadline the author wants to work with? 2)The availability of the author selected 3)Length of book 4)Post- production 5)ACX or selected platform’s turnaround time. It can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks up to 2 months.

Besides matching the voice to the book, you promote audiobooks for authors. What kinds of things do you do to promote the books?

Promotion is a fun part of what we do, but I couldn’t do it alone. I have a team of talented graphic designers, an audio/video director and marketing pros. We’ve created a group called For The Love of Audio that helps us share the audiobook on social media as well as network with bloggers and listeners to assist with promoting our client’s work. I also started The Audio Flow In Action which is a LIVE segment where I chat with the author and narrator in a talk show style format. It allows real time interaction with readers and fans and is a fun way to meet all collaborators. That is almost my favorite promotional tool. Shhhh don’t tell anyone lol.

You have frequent podcasts to introduce authors and narrators to listeners. Tell us about them.

I started my podcast on a whim because I thought it would be fun to use my degree. I have a BA in radio/tv broadcasting. So I figured I’d give it a shot. Since I love reading and enjoy learning about authors outside of their writing, Bookin’ Around Town was born. Of course, after I fell in love with audio, I had to create a podcast specifically for that industry, hence The Audio Flow, followed by The Featured Voice. I don’t like my shows to be a normal Q&A, but rather make it informal, like a conversation. I want my listeners and my guest to feel like they are chatting (or listening) to friends chewing the fat. By the way, I have no idea why they use the term “chewing the fat.” That’s gross lol. I’ve had a chance to chat with Indie authors from every career level and NYT and USAT bestselling authors, as well as Earphone, SOVA and Audie Award winning narrators. It’s quite exciting, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

What audiobooks do you enjoy listening to yourself?

I was into Erotica for a while, but then I decided to change things up. I love Urban Fantasy, Rom-Coms, PNR and recently fell in love with Sci-fi and Thriller/Mysteries.

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