Convention Tips: Avoiding Con Burn Out


Hello Fan Girls! It’s your cosplay savant here. I have, in the past 4 years, attended nearly 50 conventions, expos and comic/pop-culture themed events. In that time I have had the opportunity to connect with celebrities, artists, authors, costumers, cosplayers and all manner of geek/nerd. Despite these incredible connections and experiences I found myself feeling run down, lethargic and completely disinterested in news from industry companies focused on comics, anime, games and movies. The reason for this? Convention burn out. When you attend conventions focused on all the things you love you will hit a point where those interests wear out your mind, body and spirit.

So, to help you through those rough times or, preferably, to help you avoid this issue here are a few tips for your reading pleasure.

Tip #1: Bring Support

ThermoCosplay & Amber Brite Props hosting a panel at Leprecon 44. Photo by Kincart Photography.

Anytime you attend a convention BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU or MEETUP WITH FRIENDS!! This is the easiest way to avoid convention burn out. If you have fellow community members, friends, family, handlers or even a new connection to interact with you will see the convention you are attending in a new light. Everyone experiences events differently. Some people like to host panels, some like to dress up, some are set on meeting celebrities; whatever your drive having someone else share it with you will make the event that much more enjoyable.

Tip #2: Search for Local Communities/Groups

Phoenix Amazons, Photo by Kincart Photography

After a convention many people suffer from “con blues”. The energy of the convention was so intoxicating that when the “high” dissipates it can leave some folks feeling empty. Avoid this feeling by joining local pop culture communities and groups. The Phoenix Amazons is a splinter cell of the Sisters of Themyscira community. These Amazons have helped me keep my creative spirit alive in times when I was feeling down or unmotivated. They are scattered across the globe so splinter cells were created to help fellow sisters find each other. Take to Facebook, Meetup, Reddit or even Twitter to find local groups/communities with common interests for a solid support network when conventions are over.

Tip #3: Capture The Moment

ThermoCosplay filming Amber Brite Props at Taiyou Con 2018. Photo by Kincart Photography.

One of the things I hear most often about the end of conventions are the memories. So many people swarm convention groups and pages in search of images. They want to remember that moment and hope that a con photographer or videographer caught them on camera. Rather than “hoping” to be caught HIRE someone to capture your moments. If you cannot afford a photographer then bring a smart phone with a good camera and film, photograph or stream as much as you can tolerate. It may seem like a hassle during the event but you will thank your past self afterwards.


Left to right: Jinx Cosplay, PrueDuctions, Amber Brite Props & ThermoCosplay. Photo by Kincart Photography.

If you attend 5 or more conventions a year then this is my BEST piece of advice: SPACE THEM OUT!

Try to schedule your attendance for every other month or AT LEAST get 3 weeks between events. Back to back cons will wear you out faster than anything, especially if attending them is NOT a part of your day job.

We hope these tips give you solace in times of need or help you prepare for an adventurous future!

As always: Fan Girl On!


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