Titan Comics: Newbury and Hobbes


Newbury & Hobbes Enters the Comic Book Scene

In September the comic giant Titan Comics will release a new Steampunk themed comic series with a flare of the supernatural and a twinge of Sherlock Holmes. Newbury & Hobbes focuses on special agents Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Victoria Hobbes as they explore Victorian England attempting to solve preternatural occurrences and bizarre crimes. Written by George Mann, this new series is sure to please the Sci-Fi crowd.

“I’m delighted to be bringing Newbury & Hobbes to comics, and even more excited to be working with the excellent Dan Boultwood and the team at Titan Comics, who have worked wonders in bringing their world and its people to life…” – George Mann

With art by Dan Boultwood, his series will be out just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Newbury & Hobbes novels. Here is a trailer about the new comics series due to hit the shelves in early September…

I, for one, am quite excited to see a Steampunk series hit the shelves. After finishing the Netflix series “A Penny Dreadful” I have found my craving for Steampunk-eque content unfulfilled. Perhaps Newbury & Hobbes will be the series the fills this void. For more information and updates on this series please visit: https://georgemann.wordpress.com/newbury-hobbes/


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