San Diego Comic Con 2018: Sam Humphries


Tons of comics debut during San Diego Comic Con. One of my favorite taglines that made me giggle was “Harry Potter meets Riverdale.” So begins my introduction to BLACKBIRD.

Debuting on October 4, 2018, BLACKBIRD is an upcoming new modern fantasy series created by Sam Humphries (HARLEY QUINN, NIGHTWING) and by Jen Barten (THE MIGHTY THOR, AMERICA). The series will involve magic, beautiful people, and Los Angeles. More than enough of an enticement to anticipate the series!

Synopsis from Image Comics:

“Everyone thinks Nina’s crazy, just because she’s convinced there’s a secret world ruled by ruthless cabals of magic users hiding in plain sight. What’s really crazy? She’s absolutely right. And when her sister is kidnapped by a mythical beast, Nina is the only one who can save her.”

The stunning neon aesthetic of Jen Bartel for the cover had already hooked my eyeballs. Now, it was up to Sam Humphries to expand on the story. In a hidden room inside the Image booth at San Diego Comic Con, we chatted about the comic and the surprising inspiration to his magical influence. Check out the video for the full interview!





For Sam Humphries:

Jen Bartel:!



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