Constantine: City of Demons- Trailer Review


I love John Constantine as a character. I love the Hellblazer comics and even was fine with the lukewarm Keanu Reeves live-action movie we got back in the dinosaur days of the 2000s. I was okay with the CW live-action attempt at cracking the Constantine code and was disappointed the show was cancelled: I figured that if they were just given more time, they’d really get it. Constantine is a strange character to wrap your head around: he’s a bisexual demon hunter who is a skilled magic user; really, the only thing more powerful than his spellcraft and magic use are his strong personality and crass, vulgar attitude. Constantine’s a hard sell but I’ve always felt deep down in my twisted soul that if more people were exposed to him that he’d be easily one of the more popular characters that DC has ever put forth.

So when we received the trailer for Constantine-City of Demons I immediately summoned all my strength to be the chosen one that got to review this trailer! There’s a little background on this that I do think is vital: this was supposed to be the second season to the live-action Constantine the CW did then was later scrapped to shorts: think the Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. Now it’s a full on animated movie and that brings me the most joy. Constantine’s portrayal in the mostly disappointing Justice League: Dark brought warmth to my cold dead heart and keeping the actor who did such a great job bringing the character to life in live-action as the animated version’s voice over artist was a brilliant choice.

Now, to the trailer.


The trailer centers around John Constantine on a mission to save an innocent little girl and by proxy, the souls of the people of Los Angeles (Get it? City of Angels, City of Demons. Clever girl.). He brings with him a crew of characters that even I, a seasoned DC fan, had to Google (Hello, Nightmare Nurse. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to think of you.) to solve this girl’s demon coma and save all of L.A.

Initial thoughts? I’m glad the movie is rated R. Constantine is a crass and vulgar character and toning him down to please mainstream audiences does him and the audience a major disservice. Animated is for sure the way to go and Sam Liu’s movies while not always written well are always animated well. As per with Justice League: Dark, the Warner Bros’ animated version of Constantine may be the most comic accurate version of a character ever done and I look forward to seeing a more melancholy and more powerful Hellblazer.

The trailer doesn’t give too much away and it looks like a good time. I’m a little worried about an overcrowded cast and a contrived plot but hey, at its core, it is a comic book movie. I’m mostly just thrilled to see a character that I love more than most people continue to have excellent adventures.

Constantine: City of Demons comes out on Digital and Blu-Ray October 9th and is Rated R.

I’m looking forward to this movie and I certainly hope that you are, too!


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