Mother Knows Best – Review


With our Disney Villains Book Series Give Away only a day away from completion we figured it was time to give you a preview of the book that started this fantastic sweepstakes: Mother Knows Best.


Mother Gothel was not always the outrageous and selfish woman that those who have seen Disney’s Rapunzel know her as. She once lived in a forest, had a family (two sisters and a mother) and was at peace. Gothel, with her sisters Primrose and Hazel, wandered the forest known as the “Dead Woods”. It was a quiet place, full of bewitching ingredients and the walking dead. Yes, the WALKING dead. You see, Gothel’s mother was known as the Queen of the Dead and she used this status to keep the surrounding villages in order.

The three sisters of the Dead Woods grew up knowing only that their mother controlled an army of the undead and that, when villagers did not bring her their cadavers, horrible things beset them. Despite this morbid world the sisters were very hopeful to be free of the Dead Woods. They could not leave due to an enchantment that separated them from the villages but they DREAMED of leaving. It was this dream, this HOPE to be free from the restraints their Mother placed on them that set into motion the events which would forever damage and alter Gothel.

This book contains history of magic and WHY Rapunzel is so important. It tells of the flowers which grant immortality and how, when used properly, they allow the witch controlling them to defy death. The story shows how depravity can come from love and why life is so very delicate. It is mystery, it is magic and it is mania.

Our Review

I had a bit of a hard time feeling for Gothel until I read this book. There are some descriptors in the story which are used to frequently but overall this a very good book. I would NOT recommend it for children under 13 as there are serious plot lines discussed. It is definitely more YA to Fiction in genre. Disney has gone dark with this story which is refreshing and expected for a character who is obsessed with immortality. The characters introduced tie into other stories and heroes/heroines. I am excited to see how the triplet witches who have caused so much harm in this series earn their just due.

This book is available online and in stores. Don’t forget to ENTER OUR GIVE AWAY for your own copy. Good luck and happy reading!


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