The World of ‘Minecraft’ Comes to Comics


If you love Minecraft or know someone who does, Dark Horse, Microsoft, and Mojang AB have teamed up to bring the popular online game to the comic book world. The first installment, Minecraft Volume One will be the first installment of a multi-project publishing partnership. Writer Sfé R. Monster and artist Sarah Graley are teaming up.

“We are very excited at the prospect of bringing Minecraft to comics,” said Dark Horse President and Founder Mike Richardson. “The world of Minecraft is vast with countless stories to tell. We look forward to working with the great people at Mojang AB and Microsoft to bring these stories to its enormous fan base.”

Minecraft Volume One goes on sale in the Summer of 2019 and is already available for pre-order at the retail cost of $9.99. Here’s the official synopsis from Darkhorse:

In Minecraft Volume One, everyday kid Tyler’s life is changed when his family moves away from the town he’s always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with his friends Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace, have gone on countless adventures together across the expanses of the overworld and are in need of a new challenge. They decide to go on the Ultimate Quest—to travel to the End and face off against the ender dragon!


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