‘The Nightmare Before Dinner’ Cookbook Gives Favorite Recipes From The Beetle House


Zach Neil is the successful proprietor of The Beetle House, a Tim Burton-themed restaurant in New York and Los Angeles. In his new cookbook The Nightmare Before Dinner, he gives readers the chance to be able to make the most popular appetizers, meals, desserts and drinks from the restaurant, all in theme. The book includes pictures of both recipes and the restaurants.

Each recipe has a appropriate title, such as Frogs Breath & Nightshade Risotto, Sweeney Beef, and Edward Burger Hands. Check out desserts like Red Velvet Cake with Glass Candy Shards, Beetle Pie, and Blood Orange Cheesecake.  Most recipes have vegan versions, and the way the recipes are written makes it easy to follow directions.

The Nightmare Before Dinner is available from Quarto Publishing on October 16th.


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