Venom Movie – A Review


This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Venom. What is Venom? Well, he is/was a villain from the Spiderman universe who has undergone some changing in the past few years in comics. Here is a quick synopsis of the film from IMDB:

When Eddie Brock acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego “Venom” to save his life.


Tom Hardy is the lead in Venom. I have mixed feelings about Tom Hardy. As an actor, he is ok. As someone trying to emulate accents from a different nation/region…he is HORRIBLE. The movie would have been stronger were he not struggling with a New York accent the entire time. On a positive note, Tom as Eddie Brock was actually inspired. He pushed against common masculine behaviors in movies (like saving the damsel, puffing his chest to look stronger or remaining emotionally unavailable). He was vulnerable, he showed his fear of becoming host to a symbiote and he LISTENED TO his ex-fiancee about the challenges he faced.

Speaking of his ex-fiancee, Anne Weying, Michelle Williams did a fantastic job portraying her. She was sassy, she had a strong attitude without coming off as exaggerated and she partook of the “saving” in the movie because so help it she WAS NOT being left behind.

As far as the other talent (Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake/Riot and Reid Scott as Dr. Dan Lewis) they were your typical hollywood actors/actresses trying to behave heroically or villainous in a sub standard super hero flick.

Venom Overview

The movie, overall, is a sub standard super hero flick. YES, I said SUPER HERO. I suppose ANTI-HERO would work best but Venom is actually the “good” guy in this film. I enjoyed the movie, I really did, but it was 45 minutes of build up to a character who does not have much dept. Venom is a symbiotic alien from a comet who latches himself onto Eddie Brock in a vie for life. Thus begins the awkward Eddie trying to figure out WHY he is hearing voices and WHY he is SO DAMN HUNGRY. The hunger is really amusing but Tom Hardy does not do “holy crap there is an alien in me” very well.

The movie starts to pick up after venom is separated from Eddie using the sound frequency which harms him. Eddie is kidnapped, Venom is pissed and Anne realizes she needs to make things better. Needless to say, Venom joins with several actors/actresses throughout the film. He cannot thrive outside a host so there are some interesting clips of him as male and female. Venom him/itself is very sarcastic, murderous and full of a sass you would expect him to have. This move really picked up for me about 30 minutes from the end (it’s 2 hours and 20 minutes long) where Eddie and Venom realize they are better together than apart. It’s here where Venom decides he does not want the rest of his symbiote brethren to enter E Earth’s atmosphere. He wants Earth ALL to HIMSELF. Thus ensues a very action oriented battle between Venom and Riot (Riot wants his brethren to come to Earth to feed on human life).

After their epic battle the movie fades off. Eddie is back in San Francisco, the world is better, he has a job again (thanks to sneaking into The Life Foundation’s labs and taking damning pictures) and he is…still Venom. I mean, he HAS to be Venom if Sony wants this franchise/series to persist. Honestly, other than some INCREDIBLE fight scenes and a few amusing discussions between Venom/Eddie this movie was “meh”. Not bad, not good but somewhere in between. My favorite part? Eddie teaching Venom WHO he can eat…like this dude trying to steal “protection money” from a store clerk.

WHY You Should Watch Venom

I don’t often promote movies that were “eh” for me but this one, despite lacking a defined story, was REALLY fun. So here is why I would suggest seeing it in theaters…

  1. The visuals are stunning the big screen does them justice.
  2. This is a fun movie. Take it as Venom frolicking in San Francisco and you’ll be happy.
  3. This is one of Sony’s better super hero flicks.
  4. Anne Weying is a badass.

Enjoy and Fan Girl On!


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