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The neon infused smoke has finally lifted and I can remember last week.

With the promise of seeing my favorite rock stars  such as Noodles (The Offspring) and Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) covering  80s music,  I braved the streets of Hollywood.  Right into the Fonda theater, through the hallway of lamps, and right onto the mosh pit.  With my head barely gracing the top of the stage, I was eyeball to toe to Rock. For the next three hours, I was blasted upon wave upon wave of 80s music.

The lineup was a mash up of various talents that would play one or two songs. The stage crew would spend a few minutes rearranging wire and making mysterious hand gestures before the next group would come on stage. This rotation would continue for most of the night with the exception of Jaret Reddick.  He came with overflowing charisma and rocked out four songs to the audience.

Even so, it was an overwhelming concert of energy and talent. At first, I assumed the 80s theme was due to a fad until I realized that these groups had a limited time to prepare and work cohesively as a group. The last thing they should worry about is musicality.  Mostly everyone knows 80s music, so they can concentrate on being themselves on stage.

It is so mind warping to just realize that there are moments of watching Scott Ian (Anthrax) playing Smooth Criminal on guitar and in another moment Chris Kirkpatrick (N*Sync) is singing Def Leppard with David Haskins (Saved by the Bell)

This crazy magic is what Charity Bomb creates. They are the driving force in bringing artists to band together for a great cause. This concert is what pulls fans to pry themselves away from the safety of their homes and travel through the rain (a legit weather phenomena for Los Angeles) to watch all of this play out. For 100% of the proceeds when to charity: The Campaign to Change Direction. The campaign is to bring awareness and encouragement to reach out to those suffering from depression and other mental ailments.  Tayla Bennigton, the wife of late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park is also the Executive Advisor for the Campaign to Change Direction & Co-Founder 320 Changes Direction opened the concert with a video reminding everyone that to not only have one but to reach out.

Volunteers of the charity passed out the following cards to attendees for mental well being:

Music is what brings people together and the mores support the better. Please do not hesitate to check out the following websites for more information and help.



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320 Changes Direction:



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