Oh Joy Sex Toy Drawn to Sex: The Basics-Review


This book is not suitable for children though is a viable and important tool for sex positivity and sex education. If you are at work/school/ out in public society, this rustles your jimmies or you are of an inappropriate age to be discussing the birds and/or bees, then you may wanna take a hard pass on this review and this book.

I didn’t ask to be crowned resident Smut Prince but since it’s now a theme and the second part of my kingdom here, I’m happy to be the one reviewing Erika Moen and Matt Nolan’s newest work Drawn to Sex: The Basics. The creators of the wildly popular and educational web-comic Oh Joy Sex Toy have brought together some of their best comics and some new ones that cover all of the basics when it comes to sex, intimacy and consent.

If you were like me and were raised Roman Catholic and went to an overcrowded public school in the South your sex education may have been similar to mine: No and Don’t Do It. So like far too many young people, I was in less than ideal situations because I was unsure about even basic concepts like being able to revoke consent and how conception actually works not just the miraculous Jesus-y kind.

The collection of comics is informative, humorous and always full of heart. I’ve always appreciated Moen and Nolan’s use of different types of human beings from trans folks to those larger or smaller in size and shape. It’s always one of my favorite parts of the weekly Oh Joy Sex Toy comics and it is no different in Drawn to Sex: The Basics. No topic is too taboo and each one is handled sensitively and tactfully even though not a single punch is held. If the topic is the question of what is sex, then you’re getting all the descriptions and images of what sex can be and is.

This book isn’t just for the sake of education, it’s just a darn good read. Every comic is at its core entertaining with many valuable lessons hidden within them and even if you consider yourself a sex expert (a sexpert), it’s always good to brush up on the basics from time to time.

I absolutely recommend this book for those curious about sex, sexuality and more looking for educational discussions about topics that usually remain under the covers but done with humor, compassion and lots and lots of puns.

I enjoyed this read thoroughly and I hope you do, too.



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