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When thinking about superhero comics it’s usually DC and Marvel that come to mind first, but they aren’t the only ones in the superhero game. There are multiple platforms for artists to self-publish their comics nowadays, especially when they’re willing to do it for free. One of the most popular platforms is the app and website Line Webtoon which is where I’ve found some pretty amazing comics. One of those comics was the superhero comedy, Superpower-less! by Lucy Ligon (Shwurdart).

“It’s basically a comic about this kid who really wants to become a superhero and he’s in this world full of these really cool famous superheroes. Kind of like the Avengers is what I was inspired by. And he’s just really inspired by them so he does all these things to try and become a hero himself, but his character is really super plain and boring. He’s basically that background character that never gets anything.” Says Lucy, when I asked her to describe her webcomic for those who haven’t read it yet.

Lucy is still in high school and just starting out on her art journey but she has been drawing ever since she could hold a pencil. She started getting into art when she was in the sixth grade after getting into anime and wanting to draw in that style. Her style began to evolve into what she describes as “Disneyish” two years later. Lucy says that her favorite Spiderman comics have also inspired her a lot when it comes to her art.

When asked about why she decided to create a comic of her own, Lucy says she’s wanted to create one for the last two years or so but didn’t have the time. Then, last summer she started drawing a Spider-Man fan comic and then another fan comic which gave her some inspiration to work on something bigger like Superpower-less. She found the platform Line WebToon after one of the webcomic creators she followed on Tapas started posting there.

Lucy says her biggest challenge with creating the comic is not procrastinating.

“I like to wait until the last minute to do everything, but since this comic takes so long to work on. I think I have six pages per pages per episode and each page takes me like three hours, so it’s really important that I have a schedule but I often go off that schedule.

Her favorite aspect of creating the comic is the response she gets after publishing each episode.

“It’s really exciting to see how many people enjoy reading my webcomic and it really inspires me to keep moving forward with it.”

I really enjoy Superpower-less!’s main character Theo, who wants more than anything to be a superhero himself. I had to ask Lucy who her favorite character was and also which character she feels she can most relate to.

“The character I relate to is Theo, but my favorite character is Ben. Theo is just…, I guess I see myself in him a lot because he’s seen as not really important and no one really takes him seriously and he just really wants to be a hero and to be noticed by people but nothing really ever happens to him. And then my favorite character is Ben because I just like his personality because he’s just a cool guy who kind of puts Theo back in his place.”

From the comments on the app, Ben’s character has gotten some flack in the recent episodes. To this, Lucy says, “Ben’s character gets better.”

You can read Superpower-less! now on Line Webtoon. You can also listen to my complete interview with Lucy on the Chaotic Pop Podcast.



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