Austin Oddities and Curiosities is a Weird Delight


Saturday November 24th at the Palmer Events Center the Austin Oddities and Curiosities Expo brought happy faces to creepy kids.  With a background soundtrack that sounded like my high school play list (Rocky Horror, Nightmare Before Christmas) and more gorgeous black ensembles, corsets, and top hats, it was highly enjoyable.

The place may have been full of animal skulls and folks in black, but the vendors were kind, thoughtful, and ready to discuss their creations, the history of odd items, and the creative or procurement process.

There were a few vendors that really stood out and are a great place to look for items for your darker friends for this holiday season:

The Buried Witch

If you’re looking for a one of a kind pictures, last rites crosses, and other odd vintage items. The proprietors are extremely kind and were delighted to share the history of photographs, including a really cool one they had of the staff of a mental institution. Their store is located out of Houston, Texas, but you can find them on Etsy at  or on Instagram.

Carla Yeatts Creatures

Courtesy of Carla Yeatts Instagram

Carla Yeatts is an Austin, Texas based artist who creates unique creatures such as Edgar Allen Crow, and her versions of famous horror movie figures like the pale man from Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy. Not only is she imaginative, she’s down to tell you about her creative process. You can check out her website:


The Skeletorium

The Oklahoma-based artists of The Skeletorium create art from deceased items found in nature. His dioramas are unique, including animals trying to break out of their bell jars. If you’re looking for a skull that is turned into an art deco piece or a purse made from a raccoon, The Skeletorium is the place for you. You can visit them at the website:

The Charnel Shoppe

Love bones and skulls but worried about ethical sourcing? The Charnel Shoppe had a great selection at a fair price. Their website is mostly skulls, but they also have some stunningly beautiful Wunderkamer sets.  You can visit them at the website:

Feral Femme Art

This was my absolute favorite booth and artist Rachaela Dirosaria is a straight up badass. Based out of New Orleans, her art is uniquely beautiful and I’m straight up jealous of her talent. Many of her art pieces are interactive, including opening doors and spinning arrows.  Her art is available on and I seriously need to make more money to collect everything.


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