Review: Unnatural TPB Volume #1


It was the cover that cinched it. That sultry, gorgeous cover of a voluptuous body wearing barely anything staring straight at me with piercing blue from half lidded eyes.  Dreamy, soft colors swirling around her as a large body is draped around her with a clawed hand hovering protectively over her navel.

It took a very long time to realize that I was looking at a pig-woman.

This was not the erotic/romantic/mystery I was I was expecting. I wasn’t even expecting an erotic/romantic/mystery. I was just purely drawn in from the beautiful and sexy cover art.

Unnatural is a simple but heavy title for this series.  In this anthropomorphic society, it is only a “like attracts and breeds with like.” Intermixing of species is more than frowned up, it’s against universal law. This is further strengthen by a government sponsored match program for their citizens.

So it is no wonder that our loveable pig girl, Leslie J. Blair, is super nervous about exposing her hot sexy dreams. Dreams of a well-muscled white wolf  seducing her into hot and heavy lovemaking sessions. So hot that she usually wakes up clutching her drool-soaked pillows. She could get into a lot of trouble if anyone finds out about her dreams but it’s so hard to shake the connection. It all feel so real and beyond just being a dream.

If my dreams were even a smidgeon as hot as hers,  I would not want to forget them either!

And that was just the first couple of pages! So although the art is gorgeous and appears to be in the style of Disney animation, this is not, repeat, NOT for children. This is most definitely a comic of erotic visuals and content.

With that said, the eroticisim is kept pretty minimal and is not the main driving force of the story. The story itself is what really makes this comic enjoyable. For you cannot help but relate and adore Leslie. She is absolutely adorable in looks and character but she is plagued by self-doubt. She feels the pressure from government to follow their breeding protocols but she also feels the pressure from her own looks.  When it is her turn to be matched up in the program, she is run through the emotional gauntlet of what is and is not acceptable for her.  Her two friends offer as much support as they can but she still has to deal with the strain of that what she looks like is not right for society.

Even as all of that is happening, we begin to see clues that her dreams may not be of her own lucrative imagination. There is a possible supernatural or historical connection.  Not everything is as what it seems.  Which was the bit of the downer in the story. Not even in her own dream does she have any control or say in it. It all just seems pre-determined. I truly hope that as the issues continue on, that Leslie is able to break through it all and she able to stand on her own. For despite what she has convinced herself to be, she is definitely strong and more than capable to handle what is thrown at her.

The comic series is created by Mirka Andolfo who is a DC writer that contributed to series such as  DC Bombshells and Harley Quinn  but Unnatural was the first work I have read by her. I found everything about the first volume absolutely satisfying and I want more. The visuals are gorgeous in the dream sequences and so fun in the “reality” portion. Just like the Netflix series, Bo Jack Horseman, each of the anthromorphic citizens are more human than animal but the style is more clean and bubbly. With the first volume, which collects the first four issues, we have a heroine we love and  a story that is adventurous, romantic, and mysterious. I cannot wait to read the next issue!


Unnatural Volume 1 is available now at your local comic book retailer.



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