Guy Ritchie Movies Meet the Supernatural in ‘Rivers of London: Water Weed’


Based on the popular book series by author Ben Aaronovitch, Rivers of London, the graphic novels help continue the story as standalones that can be enjoyed either in or out of the context of the book series. In the new graphic novel, Rivers of London: Water Weed the seedy drug trade of London takes on a supernatural twist. When two water goddesses, Chelsea and Olympia, come into contact with two drug dealers trying to pull off a daring night time drop, the girls jokingly manage to get a “tithe” of stolen weed for their troubles. The bag of weed has an image of a tattooed woman’s face and properties that are certainly not on the normal side of THC reaction. Suddenly, the two girls have hired guns after then and a hooded young woman is looking through London to get back her goods. Armed with a knife and a face full of tattoos, she is not playing around.

As you can probably tell from the above description, this graphic novel is a little big on the rough side, complete with drug, sex, and attempted murder. If you’re sensitive to this kind of material, you may want to skip this particular series.  Rivers of London: Water Weed reads like a graphic novel version of a Guy Ritchie film mixed with the supernatural. This graphic novel collection is the sixth in the Rivers of London series, but it can honestly be enjoyed as just a standalone graphic novel.

Rivers of London: Water Weed is now available from Titan Comics.


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