Kakuryio Bed and Breakfast for Spirits #1


Dare to bargain.

When it comes to anime, the preference is for an anime that is beautiful, stylized, sentimental, and full of otherwordly fun.  Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast fit all of the criteria and was the happiest anime discovery of 2018 on Crunchyroll.  The anime just wrapped up it’s season on Crunchyroll. The dismay did not last long as Viz Media has produced the manga form of the anime series. Back to Kakuriyo inn I go!


The first issue of the manga depicts the events as similar to the first couple of episodes in the anime. We are introduced to Aoi, a young woman who is able to see supernatural creatures called Ayakashi. Her late grandfather, Shiro, had prepped for this ability by honing her culinary skills to keep the creatures at a safe distance.  Just like Alice falling into Wonderland, a simple walk by a temple leads her immediately to being plucked into the Hidden realm full of ayakashi and demon gates. Right at the entrance off a demon gate is the inn called Kakuriyo lead by a powerful Ogre.

An ogre that barely bats an eye when he announces that Aoi will be his bride to repay the monumental debt that Shiro has accumulated at the inn.
The reader/viewer is just as bewildered at the rapid escalation of events that lead Aoi down to the Hidden Realm. Everything is from Aoi’s frantic perspective as she gathers her wits to make a bargain with the Ogre. She will not be his bride but will work to pay off the debt. Accepting her bargain, Aoi goes off in search for a position. It is no easy task as not every one was happy with Shiro. For Shiro was a bit of a trouble maker and caused quite a bit of damage.  As Aoi struggles to make a place for herself in the world that does not inclue matrimonial union, she also struggles with her own love and thoughts of Shiro. She begins to find out  not everything was amazing with the grandfather that she so doted upon.

Having watched the anime first, it was definitely hard to stop the comparisons or hearing the voice actors as I read the manga. There are some slight differences that differentiate the mediums. One of the differences that stood out was the Ogre himself. He seemed to be a bit more menacing and indifferent in the manga. Even so, the anime is a seamless copy of the manga so it was not difficult to be re-immersed into the world.

Whether or not the anime is watched before the manga does not make a difference in story. Both follow the same structure and flow. Each captures the character traits well and there is still the same sense of otherworldly beauty in it.  I would still recommend to watch the anime along with reading the manga as the soundtrack and style aesthetics EW so much fun and should be experienced in THE cinematic form. The manga does allow for more exploration into the story and characters so it does not run as parallel to the anime.

I felt the same satisfaction from reading the manga as when I finished watching an episode. I highly recommend this manga for fans of the anime as it is another excuse to see  Genji and Chibi. Plus the food! Just like the anime, the manga does not skip over the food as Aoi creates dishes for the Akayashi. I must be an Akayashi for each of the dishes looked and sounded mouth watering!

Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast #1  is out now from Viz media. Future volumes ofwill be published on a quarterly basis.



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Kakuryio Bed and Breakfast for Spirits #1
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