Girl in the Bay #1


 The Girl in the Bay #1 is the first of four issues of this new supernatural and horror story from Dark Horse Comics.  This review is going to be hard for me, as spoilers is a very real thing here. The Girl in the Bay is the story of Kathy, a teenager living in the spring of 1969. Kathy is a troublemaker, a rebel in her own mind, a modern Siddhartha; she likes to think. In reality, she’s a kid who wants to be an adult, a kid who thinks acid is a good time. And it probably was, until it all went terribly wrong.  It only takes one night for her world to be changed completely, and lead Kathy on the adventure of her life. Or is it two lives?

As this is a first issue, an opening issue, you are left with a great many questions. In fact, you aren’t told very much at all. You mostly get background into Kathy’s life and the time period.  And then the thing that happens, happens, and you’re left wondering what exactly is going on.  Again, spoilers are very real and that makes this hard. Really hard. I want you to grab a copy and read this. It’s richly written, and I didn’t even mind the repetitive portion of it. The art is lovely; lush and captivating, especially the stuff in the water.  So while I felt a bit cheated on actual story line, I know that’ll be coming in the following three issues and I’m intrigued enough to wait.

3.5 stars to The Girl in the Bay which released today form Dark Horse Comics.


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