A Fun Mystery in “Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder”


Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, MurderFun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder by D.B. Elrogg, private investigator Milo Rathkey has had six months to settle into his new inheritance of $15 million from his mother’s former employer. He shares the inheritance with Sutherland McKnight, the son of the man who bequeathed the inheritance to Milo. Now the ladies who attended high school at Thrana Hall in Duluth, Minnesota, including Sutherland’s assistant Agnes Larsen, are having their class reunion. However, the reunion is darkened by the possible murder of Mollie during their sophomore year in what seems to have been a hazing incident when Mollie fell off the old creepy tower. However, everyone has suspected Jessica Vogel, a fellow classmate, of pushing Mollie to her death. When Jessica takes a dive from the same tower as Mollie did years later, this becomes a clear case of murder, but there are too many motives for killing Jessica to make the case simple for Milo and his police detective friend, Graham.

In the meantime, Sunderland gets suspicious that someone killed and hid the bodies of several employees of Lakesong, their estate, in the 1950s, enlisting Milo to help him research the cold case, providing an extra detection plot to the book.

I had a fun time listening to Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder, which is a creative book with interesting plot lines and well- drawn characters. I especially appreciated the interaction between Milo and Sutherland, who balance each other’s quirks and strengths. I particularly enjoyed the scene when Milo and Mary Alice Bonner challenge Sutherland and Agnes to a tennis match, and Milo beats the over- arrogant Sutherland after the latter spends his time disparaging the tennis skills of his roommate.

Tom Lennon performs the audio edition of this book, bringing it to life in a vivid and clear manner. His voice seems especially suited for this book, giving just a hint of grit to the sound of the mystery. Using expression without excess emoting, Lennon makes the plot all the more exciting, convincing me that this book should certainly be listened to instead of read visually.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to listen to Fun Reunion! Meet, Greet, Murder. I loved the creativity in the plot and characters, as well as extra storylines that add to the interest of the book. I highly recommend this audiobook and give it five stars.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free for review purposes, but that had no influence on the content of my review.

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