BOOM! Releases Look at ‘Rocko’s Modern Afterlife’


BOOM! Studios has released a preview of the upcoming Rocko’s Modern Afterlife #1.  This limited comic series is written by Anthony Burch with art by Mattia Di Meo.

Here’s the official synopsis from BOOM!

Welcome to the future of O-town where everyone’s cell phone is glued to their hands, Heffer makes a living streaming video games online, and the latest app lets you avoid all contact with everyone else without even looking up from your gadget! But even in the midst of this  techno-utopia, there’s something not quite right with Rocko’s fellow citizens as the authorities call for a city-wide lockdown. While Rocko takes the two weeks as a time to chill and unplug from technology, the rest of the town seems to be going mad. When danger comes knocking at his door, the newly zen wallaby will have to choose whether to stay barricaded within his increasingly surrounded home or venture forth into a wasteland filled with mindless versions of his friends and neighbors.

Rocko’s Modern Life was a staple of Nickelodeon kids in the 1990s and I have fond memories of the loveable anxiety-ridden wallaby.

Print copies of ROCKO’S MODERN AFTERLIFE #1 will be available on April 3, 2019 at local comic book and from online retailers. 

Check out the preview below:


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