Horror Master Dario Argento’s ‘Dreadful Bond’ Game is on Kickstarter


Dario Argento and Kickstarter are teaming up to complete a new horror game from the mind of a master of horror. The film above is a bit of the back story into the game, Dreadful Bond. The Kickstarter ends April 25th and the expected release date if successful is December 2020.

Here’s the official description from the Kickstarter:

Developed on Unreal 4 by Clod Studio, Dario Argento’s Dreadful Bond is a first-person psychological horror adventure game where the first victim is your sanity. It all starts (and ends) at the abandoned Wharton Manor, a place that holds the key to both ancient secrets and the memory of recent horrors …

Wharton Manor is a sprawling, prison-like mansion filled with strange voices, dreamscapes, memories, and shadows – all elements essential to solving the mystery of the Empuros’ connection to the atrocious acts committed in this unholy place. Anguish and horror follow the player along an elaborate personal hell – told in a chilling mix of alchemy, mysticism, love, and death.

Composed by Daniele Carmosino, Dreadful Bond’s eerie, suspenseful soundtrack guides the player through a fully immersive experience.

Clod Studio / Dreadful Bond GIFs (Steam/Kickstarter)


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