MusExpo 2019: Tonica and Lightcraft


With so much music and bands being created, all one  would have to do is to just close their eyes, reach out with one hand snag a couple of new and emerging artists. This steady and deep stream of talent can not be overwhelming but create hum of unremarkable static noise. When a sound emerges from the noise and resonates within, you take notice.

In the quaint restaurant of Castaway, up in the Burbank hills,music industry and creators mingled among one another for a Creative Summit hosted by A&R Worldwide’s Musexpo.  What began as dinner parties networking between industry and talent, had just grown slightly bigger. The concept remains the same, only with more international flair. After a few days of seminars and panels, the event opens up to showcase the heart of it all: the talent.

These are talents that are not just from the US but all around random points of the world. They have all come to play their hearts out in as small setting with hopes of being one step closer to being signed and recognized.  MUSEXPO offers a very convenient link streaming all of the talents performing at the event HERE.

With so many groups and acts performing, it all really came down to availability and happenstance. All of the acts sounded fascinating via stream but performing live was different. Only then would the personality of the band truly come out in antics and performance.


The first group to make me a fan hailed from Jakarta, Indonesia: Lightcraft. This quartet rock  group was both oozing sweet lyrics and power emotions in their songs. Their lyrics are rich in meaning even though their sound is light. There are songs that explore how it feels to never really settle and feel like home:

In the darkest night The silent night Where peace can breathe The furthest you go Where nobody can reach Chasing shadows of the past Living a life that never lasts When the morning comes You will find the light” – “Home” -Lightcraft

One of the best gifts of that night was carrying the music of Lightcraft from stage to stereo with the Japanese edition of their album, “Us Is All.” The album opens with one  chord and in moments it becomes a refreshing lyrical experience of hope and calm. This is the kind of music best played during those rare moments when the roads are clear on a sunset evening.


Lightcraft website:


Check out the video below for the Lightcraft interview:

If Lightcraft gave me hope and inspirations, then it was Tonica gave me the edge. Framed by neon glow, this duo from Manchester UK, brought their own flair to the alternative electro-pop theme.  The lyrics blunt but those catchy hooks keeps you distracted from truly pondering on the meanings. Tonica  also did not carry heavy sound but they were definitely more fun to bop to!


Tonica Music



During this brief visit, I was not only  an instant fan of both these groups, the rest of the evening was absolutely enjoyable.  Hopefully next year, there will be even more opportunities to discover great bands locally and around the world.




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