DC Vinyl Heroes Figures are Coming this October


Titan is coming out with new DC Titan Heroes Vinyl figures. They are kind of super creepy realistic, but like with really big heads. I’m here for John Constantine.

Each figure is 3″ and window-boxed with a character-specific item included. The figures coming out this October are:

Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow from Arrow; Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl from Supergirl, Barry Allen AKA The Flash & his arch-nemesis Zoom from The Flash; Sara Lance AKA White Canary, Ray Palmer AKA The Atom, Jefferson Jackson/Martin Stein AKA Firestorm & DC’s Liverpudlian arch-mage John Constantine from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!! Plus: two rare chase figures for you to hunt down and collect!

You can pre-order them from www.entertainmentearth.com


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