The Dreaming Volume 1: Pathways and Emanations


The Sandman Universe is where I cut my teeth on mythology and comics. Neil Gaiman’s world introduced me to writers and artists that I never would have discovered otherwise. Vertigo has four books expanding the Sandman Universe, and The Dreaming Volume 1 is a magical return to the land where dreams are created.

Lord Daniel, Morpheus’ replacement, is absent from the Dreaming. This sparks a series of crimes and problems as other realms soon discover that the borders are no longer protected by anything but the inhabitants. Lucien, Cain, Abel, and Merv all desperately try to hold the kingdom together, but Dora is currently delighting in stealing dreams and causing chaos. However, minor troubles mask a more dangerous threat in the Dreaming.

Si Spurrier is a worthy choice for a series that needs an extraordinary writer to maintain its integrity. Artist Bilquis Evely continues the tradition of stunning artwork that the series is loved for.  Neil Gaiman is helping curate the series, but Spurrier and Evely have no problem carrying this. The Dreaming Volume 1: Pathways and Emanations collects issued 1-6 of The Dreaming and the Sandman Universe Special #1.


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