‘The Dead Girls Club’ is a Supernatural Thriller ala Paul Tremblay


Heather Cole is a successful child psychologist with a loving husband and a dark secret. When she was younger, Heather was part of a group called The Dead Girls Club. Together she, her best friend Becca, and their friends Rachel and Gia got together to tell horror stories and discuss serial killers. When Becca becomes obsessed with the story of a woman called The Red Lady, Heather and her friendship begins to dissolve. Unfortunately Becca’s obsession with The Red Lady lead to her death. Now decades later, Becca’s half of her “Best Friend” necklace arrives in Heather’s mailbox and someone is looking for revenge.

If you’re a fan of supernatural thriller stories like those of Paul Tremblay, you’ll be delighted with The Dead Girls Club. The book keeps the reader guessing the entire time of whether the force haunting Heather is supernatural in nature or a real killer coming for her. I felt for her as Heather tries to use her background as a psychologist to keep things in perspective and keep looking for what the real cause of everything might be, but only making herself look guiltier and guiltier.

The Dead Girls Club is the type of book that you start thinking you’ll just read a few chapters, and then find yourself hiding under the covers trying to hide either a flashlight or your phone light so you can get to the very end.

The Dead Girls Club by Damien Angelica Walters comes to book stores December 10, 2019.


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