The Dark Crystal: The Novelization


The Dark Crystal: The Novelization was originally released in 1982, but then rereleased by Archaia in 2014. It’s getting a new lease on life now as an advance toward the new Netflix show (The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance) set in the world that Jim Henson envisioned all those years ago.  The Novelization is a hardcover coming in at 240 pages and chock full of gorgeous illustrations to a much beloved story.

If like me, you grew up watching this movie (and similarly being scared witless by it) then this book is a must have. The story is the same one you know, which means as you read it you can see the movie playing in your head. It’s probably one of the best reading experiences I’ve had in a while. Having watched the movie approximately a hundred times does not take away from reading the story at all. And then as an added bonus you get the illustrations, that were added when Archaia rereleased it. The illustrations are original concept art from Jim Henson’s personal journals.

The new art goes along well with all the other extras you get with this novelization. You get more background into the characters, their names and origins. For the Dark Crystal (or Jim Henson) super fan, getting all this background that was never mentioned in the movie is fantastic.  The Dark Crystal has been a huge part of so many childhoods since it was originally released, so all this new information and art along with the story that is so beloved is just a wonderful thing.


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