Sherrie Dillard Shows Readers the Spirit World in ‘I’ve Never Met a Dead Person I Didn’t Like”


Sherrie Dillard did not have an easy childhood, and that’s putting it mildly. In part this was due to traumatic abuse at the hands of her parental figures, but the other part was due to the fact she discovered she could communicate with spirits. On her own at seventeen and with no money to her name, she traveled across country while interacting with both the tangible world and the spirit world. From the Northeast of the United States to Mayan Indian villages, Dillard describes her experiences of being pulled towards situations thanks to interactions with the spirits, including interactions with saints and dark powers. 

Sherrie Dillard is now a renowned psychic and medium, but I’ve Never Met a Dead Person I Didn’t Like goes into the difficult path that lead her to her current position. Her voice is frank and direct, never shying away from her traumas or frustrations. The book is a quick read, but be advised if you are sensitive to tales of child abuse. 

I’ve Never Met a Dead Person I Didn’t Like is available July 26, 2019 from John Hunt Publishing. 


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