San Diego Comic Con 2019: Mimi Chan


Despite it’s cultural controversies and liberation with both history and fantasy elements, Mulan is still an iconic Disney film for many. Especially those of Asian American descent who accepted Mulan swiftly and desperately.   Mulan was the savior of China as she went off to war as dressed as a man named Ping with her dragon, lucky cricket, and trusty horse sidekicks. The movie showed that through hard work and trials, she was able to kick ass!

To convey that awesome power behind the kick ass, Disney had a live model reference. This live model was used for a reference in jumps and kung fu movies that are associated with Mulan. Notably, a certain scene where she catches a sword and kneels back ready to fight. Way back then, it was Mimi Chan, Wah Lum master who was that live model reference. During San Diego Comic Con, we were to meet this powerhouse behind the iconic animated character.

Mimi has rich history of kung fu devotion to Wah Lum disciple and stunt work. Encouraged and mentored by her father, she has help carry on the tradition and culture  with her martial arts school in Florida. She has produced and directed the documentary of her father,Pui Chan: Pui Chan: Kung Fu Pioneer. She loves to share her knowledge and passion on her website and podcast: Culture Chat Podcast .

Just the absolute cherry on top was finding out that this action master is also an avid comic book reader and all things geekery. Interviewing her was like meeting Mulan in real life and confirming that she one of the coolest people in the world.




Mimi Chan was at San Diego Comic Con as one of the panelist guests for, “Cosplayers, Ready your swords!” The panel discussed the action history of the panelists, featured demonstrations, and provided key advice for cosplayers with weapons. For those who were unable to attend, the full panel video is below:




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