No One Left To Fight #2


Dark Horse Comics really brings their A game with this series. With former super heroes left to wander a peaceful world, it makes you consider the impact of their decisions and what WOULD happen were everything to just…well, be ok.


NOLTF #2 picks up where it left off: with Timor and Vale attempting to duke it out in a backyard…full of kids…in a neighborhood…full of people. Needless to say, Krysta is none to happy with her husband’s (Timor) attitude and Vale’s willingness to feed into it. She breaks up the fight and all is calm once more. Well, until the following morning when the entire city is on Timor and Krysta’s door step, hoping to get a glance at the Hero Vale (talk about rubbing salt in an old wound for Timor). It is evident at this point that Vale is either oblivious to his fame, humbled by it OR just an egotistical jerk soaking in the adoration (let’s hope it’s not the latter).

The friend finally kick off their road trip to revisit the beginning of the end for all evil in the world. As they do, something appears in the corner of a frame. Something…or someone, ominously grins at the mudskipper as it flies over the land towards its destination. Could a new evil be rising up? Who is this mysterious figure? Meh, it was likely just another fan…right? Anyways, the group FINALLY arrives at their destination and meets up with an ADORABLE woman named Winda (seriously, her hair is SO COOL).

It seems Winda has cared for the Mistress Harga (an entity who trained the heroes/heroines in this comic). She’s getting older and…well, definitely not wiser (also, what is it with everyone treating Timor terribly? Ugh!). As the group reminisces on past training, events, interactions and fights Timor unleashes his angst on Mistress Harga (about time) and Vale calms the situation. Turning in for the night, he is suddenly awoken by Winda who is wearing a VERY revealing outfit.

Will Vale take advantage of Winda? Is Winda in love with Vale? Will Timor EVER get the recognition he deserves? We will only find out in the next issue of No One Left To Fight!


  • Writer: Aubrey Sitterson
  • Artist: Fico Ossio
  • Cover Artist: Fico Ossio

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No One Left To Fight #2
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