San Diego Comic Con 2019: Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!


Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) is hosting Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!  on the Travel Channel. That collaboration is enough for a return back to this iconic series.

Campbell is one of those characters that was born to charm and tell a story. With his iconic acting career, Campbell is an absolute fan favorite for his comedic roles and over the top personas. This is the perfect flavor to host a show featuring stories of people who have done beyond belief feats or features.  Such as John “Hammerhead” Ferraro who boasts a skull more than two times thicker than average.  There will also be stories of “Half-man” Short E. Dangerously who doesn’t let proportions stop him from challenging physics to perform.

For a sample of what Bruce Campbell will bring to the show, check out this press conference that easily disintegrates into tangential pieces.

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