Lenore #1- My Favorite Comic Comes Back!


When I was a teenager, my backpack was filled with comics from Slave Labor Graphics. Lenore was one of my favorites. It’s been five years since the cute little dead girl graced the pages of a new comic, and Roman Dirge has brought her back. Issue #1 of the revamp of Lenore features a squirrel narrating the horrors of what’s happened over the past four years. Mostly, this is due to a murderous pickle hat that is haunting the house. With the arrival of time goats, things get even weirder.

Yes, you read the above line correctly. There are time goats. The comic is written, drawn, and colored by Roman Dirge. The coloration is gorgeous, and I’m so thankful that Titan Comics has resurrected the series. If you love weird stuff and cute creatures that are also kind of disturbing concepts, you’ll love Lenore. I should advise this is not appropriate for children, so don’t give it to your kids.

My goth self is satiated; at least until the next issue.

Lenore #1 is available from Titan Comics now.


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