Monster, She Wrote is a Fantastic Look at Women in Horror and Speculative Fiction


Women have always been at the forefront of horror and speculative fiction, despite the gender constructs that stood in their way. The book Monster, She Wrote goes back to the beginning and takes readers up to the present with women you may or may not have ever heard of. Authors Lisa Kroger and Melanie R. Anderson have created a fantastic book that is part biographical, part readers guide for those who want to read more about the women who shaped fiction.

While most know about Mary Shelley and the creation of Frankenstein, chances are you haven’t heard of people like “Mad Madge” Cavendish. Brief spoiler? Cavendish was known for creating her own style of science fiction about 150 years ago and wearing topless dresses to theaters to make a splash.  You’ll learn about amazing writers like Ann Radliffe, go into more details about the life of Shirley Jackson, and even go into the popular writers of young adult horror in the 1990s.

The most dangerous part of Monster, She Wrote is how many books I put on hold at the library or added to my Amazon wish list.  It is so easy to fall into this book and not come out until you’ve finished the whole thing; not counting the brief interruptions to jot down that short story you’re going to search for later or that novel that sounds amazing.

Monster, She Wrote is available September 17, 2019 from Quirk Books.



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