Wonderland: An Anthology is Delightfully Weird and Visceral


Wonderland: An Anthology is not a child-friendly Disney look at the Lewis Carol story of Alice. This collection is visceral, twisted and unique, all remaining within very loose confines of an Alice in Wonderland Story. In some cases, these stories take shape as frightening creatures that form to ones greatest fears. Some involve space ships, and special Alice protocols. What all the stories have in common, other than their connections to Alice in Wonderland, is their creativity and general weirdness. The book starts with a brief poem by Janet Yolen, before diving into short stories that leave the reader teetering between fantasy and reality. Wonderland: An Anthology features stories by Titan Book’s favorites like George Mann and James Lovegrove, but also talents such as M.R. Carey, Mark Chadbourn, Genevieve Cogman, Jonathan Green, Alison Littlewood, L.L. McKinney, Juliet Marillier, Laura Mauro, Cat Rambo, Lillith Saintcrow, Cavan Scott, Robert Shearman, Angela Slatter, Catriona Ward and Rio Youers.

Wonderland: An Anthology is geared towards adults and readers who don’t mind visceral descriptions, such as bear suits that are still warm because they are made from actual bears. If you’re a sensitive reader, this one might give you nightmares. If you like your literature bizarre, with slight traces of the familiar, Wonderland: An Anthology is delightful.

Wonderland: An Anthology is available September 17, 2019 from Titan Books.


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