F13: Survive Jason – A New Kind of Horror Experience


In Arizona there is a rebirth occurring. Something dark, insidious and violent is creeping in the woods of the desert mountains. Something that On Pins and Needles has bottled up and turned into an experience that is an Escape Room on steroids! Welcome to F13: Survive Jason – Do YOU have what it takes to get away?

About F13: Survive Jason

F13 is the brainchild of On Pins and Neeedleswho is an Arizona based cosplayer / horror enthusiast with a craving for a new kind of horror themed experience that she could attend year round. This strong, creative woman has wrangled into her web performers from all walks of life. With her knowledge of horror movies, her connections to the horror industry (she knows some pretty awesome actors/actresses who inspired this endeavor) and her determination she created something otherwise unseen.

As a camper, you enter your campground and are walked through the rules of the game…

  1. DON’T BE A DICK. This may be a horror game but the people in masks are just that, PEOPLE.
  2. All National Park rules are to be adhered to at all times; anyone in violation will be asked to leave immediately.
  3. No drinking before or during the game. This is for EVERYONE’S Safety.
  4. No physical contact except with approved safety weapons. (Yes, campers DO have ways of defending themselves).
  5. On that note: Absolutely no actual violence will be condoned (No punching, kicking, stabbing), barring human clumsiness. All weapons will be fake.
  6. No sexual misconduct. DO NOT TRY TO RIP SOMEONE’S CLOTHES OFF OR GRAB ANYONE INAPPROPRIATELY. You will be evicted without a refund.
  7. Team ups are permitted in pairs only. Sabotage is permitted. It is survival of the fittest.
  8. This is a game for fun. Come to play. No shaming, no splaining, no intolerance will be permitted. Play nice or don’t play at all.
  9. This is a game for adults 18 and over. Children are not permitted to attend.
  10. You will get dirty. You will get bloody. Wear clothing you are willing to let die. Wear closed toed shoes.
  11. No player killing. No alliance with Jason or any other characters, no taking out the other players on your own, no hiding out.

IN THE EVENT YOU CANNOT CONTINUE: if you do not want to or cannot continue, snap your glowstick and that immediately discontinues your play. One of our team will help escort you back to home base and you can take time to relax, head out, whatever you like. ALL PLAYERS MUST RESPECT ANY PLAYER WHO TAPS OUT. There will be NO Shaming.

After the rules you are introduced to the main character as not ALL games are Jason (some include OTHER famous horror monsters/creatures/characters)…

How To Attend

There ARE tickets to attend these events (which are held as often as 2-3 times a month). Since the Halloween Season is ramping up there here are the upcoming F13: Survive Jason events…

These events take place in the evenings so be prepared to receive a lamp/flashlight and wander about in the dark…WITHOUT attracting the attention of Jason.

OTHER On Pins and Needles Events

If you’re not one for running around at night, in the woods, escaping a maniacal murderer BUT you DO love horror then be sure to check out the photo shoot events hosted by On Pins and Needles by visiting her EVENTS PAGE. She has some AMAZING locations in her roster of horror locations. Here are some shots from past events…

We HIGHLY recommend these events for horror lovers. On Pins and Needles has put together a team of incredibly talented individuals who share her love of menacing monsters and it shows with the glowing reviews of their events. So, if you’re in Arizona this fall setup a time to meet…err, RUN AWAY FROM Jason. It’s worth it.


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