‘Bury the Lede’


Madison Jackson is doing her best to turn her college internship at the Boston Lede into a full time career. So far, she’s been stuck on simple stories and grabbing coffee. When a police scanner brings up the brutal murder tied to a well-known Boston family, Madison leaps into action. She is able to get bits and pieces from a friend and cop, but the article puts Madison in the center of the action when Dahlia Kennedy, the socialite accused of murdering her husband and child, says she’ll only speak to Madison about it. Though Dahlia seems cold and serious about committing the crime, Madison is not convinced she is responsible. In the background, Madison’s relationships are suffering and she could lose more than a chance at her career.

Gaby Dunn’s Bury the Lede introduces queer characters without over sensationalizing them, and for once a queer character is the cop and the journalist, rather than the corpse! The art by Claire Roe and colors by Miquel Muerto keep the vibe of the comic very noir. The characters are fascinating, the plot entertaining, and the art gorgeous. In short, this is a graphic novel that needs to be added to your shelf.

Bury the Lede is available October 2, 2019 from BOOM! Studios.




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