Harryhausen: The Lost Movies


Friends, I need a really large coffee table. Titan Books keeps coming out with incredible art books that need to be displayed. One of the latest is Harryhausen: The Lost Movies by John Walsh.

For those who don’t immediately know the name Ray Harryhausen, his most popular films were Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, and Sinbad.  His stop-motion animation technique paved the way for future films, like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Henry Selick’s Coraline (yes, I know Henry Selick also directed The Nightmare Before Christmas).  This new book, Harryhausen: The Lost Movies goes through many of his unused ideas, including Atlantis and Dante’s Inferno. There are films he turned down, and ideas that ended up on the cutting room floor. There are pages of extended ideas for movies that were made, and a wealth of pictures and concept art to drool over.

For fans of Harryhausen’s work, this is a must have book. For the curious, the hardcover collection is an easy read and a delight to have in front of you.

Harryhausen: The Lost Movies is available now from Titan Books and is a worthy addition to a collection of art books.


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