‘Apocalypse Any Day Now’


Author Tea Krulos noticed that nowadays everyone seems to be talking about the end of the world. In late 1999, people panicked over the concept of Y2K- the belief that computers were going to have an epic meltdown as they switched into 2000. In 2012, people were convinced that the world was going to end on December 21st, with the end of the written Mayan calendar.  Tons of films posit destruction by disease, zombies, meteors, nuclear holocaust and climate change. In a continued time of chaos, destruction is all we seem capable of talking about. There are those who are working to be prepared, and Krulos went to meet them.

The book Apocalypse Any Day Now goes into the world of doomsday preppers, but also shows some pretty good ideas on how to be prepared. His interviews include those who attend the Wasteland Weekend, and a gentleman who has a whole storage unit of goods to keep his family ready for a major catastrophe. While some of the interviewees may come off as strange, the book shows that not all of them have the wrong idea. Tea Krulos is a respectful writer, but also humorous. It’s hard for the reader not to find themselves launching headlong in the book and coming out with either new or stronger opinions on the other side.

Apocalypse Any Day Now is now available from Chicago Review Press. It’s a perfect read for this spooky time of year.


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