Making Moon: A British Sci-Fi Cult Classic


In 2009 a strange British Sci-Fi movie began making the rounds. Directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son), and staring Sam Rockwell, the film follows Sam Bell, a man having a breakdown after three years by himself on a mining operation on the dark side of the moon.  To celebrate 10 years of existence, Simon Ward and Titan Books have joined forces to release the book Making Moon: A British Sci-Fi Cult Classic.

The book is a thinner art-style book, complete with a textured cover featuring Sam Rockwell. The book goes in-depth in regards to pre-production, production itself, and the release of the film. It even takes a look at where fans are ten years since the films release. For those who love the story behind the film, this is a fantastic place to get the strange details and stories. Making Moon includes excerpts from the original shooting scripts, as well as concept art and images from behind-the-scenes.

In typical Titan Books fashion, Making Moon is a gorgeous book loaded with information for the Sci-Fi Nerd.

Making Moon: A British Sci-Fi Cult Classic is now available from Titan Books




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