Shadow City, Welcome to Wasteland Los Angeles


In the new book Shadow City, Los Angeles is something straight out of an apocalyptic nightmare. What remains of the city are creatures left over from nuclear disaster, a safe zone previously called Hollywood, a deserted city, and the handful of scavengers left behind.  When scavengers Jean and Louis come across a naked nameless stranger, they make the difficult choice to bring him along with them.  What they don’t know is that there is something far darker, something that literally takes its power from suffering and violence.

Author Anna Mocikat takes readers on a tour of what’s left of Los Angeles, and I’m still uncomfortable thinking about the descriptions of what remains. It was like something out of Fallout, and I’m still not over those nightmares. What’s truly surprising about Mockiat is that English is not her first language. She was born in Poland, grew up in Germany, and was a game writer. She then came to the USA and started writing in English.

Shadow City is available now from Black Rose Writing.



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