Disney’s Frozen 2: Better Than The First


Last weekend I went to see Frozen 2 on a whim. I snuggled into the overly cushioned chair of my Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas seat and prepared for…well, I wasn’t sure what. After all, the previews for this second installment were quite ambiguous. Irregardless, I was ready to dive into yet another story from one of the most lucrative animation businesses in the world: Disney.

An Unsettling Call

Frozen 2 - Disney
The story begins with Arendelle celebrating the height of its kingdom. It’s ruler has control over ice, it’s Princess is in a nurturing relationship with a local Reindeer loving Ice Collector and the fjord is bustling with life. That is, until Elsa hears a call from the beyond. She recalls a song her Mother sang about the river meeting the sea and a place called Ahtohallan. A place where the spirits of Fire, Water, Earth and Air gather. A place, it seems, that this mysterious call originates.
After responding to the call, Elsa accidentally awakens the four spirits who, promptly, kick ALL of Arendelle’s residents OUT of the fjord. After being evicted from their home by some angry cobblestones, a few gusts of wind and some eerie fire the royalty of Arrendelle decides it’s time to enter the Enchanted Forest.

Mist Me Much?

Frozen 2 - Mist
It seems that any time an enchanted forest is involved things go wrong. But THIS forest has a mind of its own, as poor Olaf discovers when he is separated from Anna, Elsa and Kristoff. The wind is alive, FIRE is alive and the forest beyond Arrendelle is home to MORE than just spirits. It’s home to the REMNANTS of a battle that took place in Anna and Elsa’s parents’ youth.

Much to the surprise of everyone involved, it is learned that a battle between Arrendelle and the Nothuldra people occurred before Anna and Elsa’s births. This battle enraged the spirits who trapped the fighters in a mist.
Elsa senses more is at play. Already she has calmed the wrath of the Air and Fire spirit but she KNOWS something worse occurred in that battle.

The Missing and The Truth

By the middle of this film you realize that Arrendelle, the happy kingdom in the fjord, may have a DARK past. This film doesn’t really have an enemy more as it has a past to correct. A terrible wrong was done to the Northuldra people and only the daughters of Arrendelle’s Royalty can heal the broken world.
Elsa and Anna become separated when Elsa realizes only SHE can go to Ahtohollan. Anna and Olaf are sent off into the Earth Giant Territory (on accident really) while Kristoff is left behind for an AMAZING solo song about love. During these scenes both Anna and Kristoff grow A LOT. Kristoff discovers that his love for Anna is not as fragile (nor is he) as he once feared and Anna finds strength after she loses a very close friend.

Correcting a Wrong

The end of the movie wraps up just WHAT caused the battle between Arrendelle and Northuldra decades before Elsa’s rule. A bridge is burned (erm…more like Earth Giants destroy it with some really epic stone tosses) but new loyalties are formed.

This movie is honestly one of the best Disney films I have seen in a while. There is character growth, good music, flashbacks that RESOLVE missing information and something akin to a wonder I though Disney lost. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to see it again. Plus, the music is REALLY catchy (not as much as Let It Go but you may be humming a little tune as you leave).

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NOTE: Just a cool part about this movie I thought you all should know. Disney signed a TREATY with the Sami people to make sure the Northuldra in Frozen 2 were not an inappropriate form of cultural appropriation. Now THAT’S respecting a culture.

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