‘Hellier Was Just a Symptom” : Why You Need to Binge Watch Hellier Season 2


For lovers of High Strangeness, prepare for an early Christmas present. The Planet Weird show Hellier has just dropped their second season on Amazon Prime.  In the first season, the crew of Greg and Dana Newkirk, Karl Pffeifer, and Connor Randall inspected  a series of strange emails from a man named David Christie. Christie claimed to be haunted by a group of goblin-like creatures coming from the cave systems around his home. After going to Hellier, the crew found out that there was way more involved in the investigation than previously thought. Eighteen months after their initial investigation, the case continues to haunt the entire crew. Each individual investigator put together details and followed a single thread of the investigation to keep moving forward. Now joined by investigator Tyler Strand, the group is back on the road exploring their individual threads and how they all connect.

This season takes viewers through the work of John Keel, the story of Indrid Cold, mysterious ciphers, the Estes Method, God Helmets… chances are if it’s strange, you’ll probably see it. Having read a ton of Keel’s work, but never seen him, it was a treat to see him on camera in a referenced video. I also love that this season gives us more of Dana Newkirk. She is an utter and total badass hedgewitch who always brings something powerful to the table. For those who love alien investigations, synchronicity, weird vibes, cryptozoology and high strangeness in general, this show is going to feel like coming home.  Personally, I feel like the camera work and editing this season are a major improvement and that the music work adds a delightful touch, without making the show seem hokey.

Season 2 of Hellier is now available to watch on Amazon Prime for free.


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